if you are an organisation...

We can help organisations to understand climate change, prepare for change and identify opportunities for action.

Some organisations are now starting to get to grips with what it means to go low carbon. But many have not yet begun the voyage and even those that have made a start are struggling to see the wood (carbon) from the trees (sustainability).

See how we helped the Carbon Disclosure Project.

See an example of an agenda for our Climate Change Workshop aimed at departmental teams.

See a menu of options for our Tailored Climate Change Workshops aimed at senior executives.

We can help with answers to questions like:

  • What will you do if fuel prices keep rising or if your supply chain is cut?
  • Could you produce electricity yourself or buy it from renewable sources?
  • How can you reduce your waste bill as landfill prices rise?
  • Could you turn your waste into energy?
  • Could you run your trucks on biomethane made out of food waste?
  • How will you cope if you or your suppliers are operating in water-stressed areas and water becomes scarcer?
  • Can you cut costs by cutting out packaging?
  • Have you got environmental champions in every department?
  • Is sustainability in the widest possible sense being considered by senior executives?