going green can cut costs and improve quality of life

Vegetable box delivery

Fuel, food and water bills are virtually certain to rise in coming years as climate change and peak oil combine. So are the risks associated with long fossil fuel powered supply chains. You can insure against that by making your buildings more energy efficient and by producing more renewable electricity yourself.

We believe that the only difficult change for businesses, non-governmental organisations and individuals is to cut down on flying. If present trends continue, aviation alone will account for more than 100% of the UK’s national emissions target by 2050.

Whatever the aviation industry may say there is no technological solution on the horizon for jet planes. We can increase the efficiency of planes, and we can use propeller planes and airships, but we have to limit the total amount of flying if we are to beat climate change.

The rest of the sustainability agenda coincides with increasing quality of life – more walking and cycling, fewer car and truck exhaust fumes, more local, seasonal and organic food, greener spaces especially roofs, more ways to connect with water and food, more naturally ventilated buildings and less air conditioning - the list is endless. In all of these cases we believe that doing the right thing for the planet means a better quality of life for you and your business or organisation.

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