building a new Budgens

cuttingthecarbon have been piloting a number of sustainability measures with Thornton’s Budgens of Belsize Park, a supermarket in north London. Food waste from the store is now anaerobically digested to produce electricity which has helped reduced the proportion of waste going to landfill to just 5.4%.

The number of disposable plastic bags given out has been reduced by 60% in six months. Night-time covers have been installed for freezers and fridges to cut energy bills. 1,500 food lines out of 10,000 are now local (produced with 100 miles of the store). What's more “Recycle-At-The-Till” bins have been introduced. The aim is to identify products with  excess packaging and send a "less waste" message back up the supply chain.

Owner of Budgens of Belsize Park, Andrew Thornton (right), said: “Working with the founder of cuttingthecarbon Alexis Rowell has been stimulating and rewarding. By carrying out his recommendations we’ve cut costs and reduced our carbon footprint."

"They also helped us to win “Environmental Retailer of the Year” at the 2008 Retail Industry Awards," he added. "But that’s not the end - cuttingthecarbon


are always ready to help us to move to the next level. We’re now looking at ways we can help local people produce food like jam that we can sell and we’re reviewing our fish counter to make it more sustainably sourced.”